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Welcome to CUP Action

paper chainA network dedicated to Australians affected by cancer of unknown primary (CUP)

Our Aim
  • Raise awareness and visibility of this cancer
  • Get a better deal for those diagnosed with cancer of unknown primary
  • Connect people

Who we are

CUP Action was established by Jane Barrett, a CUP patient and advocate for people with cancer of unknown primary. CUP Action and this website are part of her legacy. Read Jane's story and read more about who we are.

Why this site matters

CUP has been called the 'orphan of the cancer world'.
  • It is a very isolating and lonely cancer
  • There is little public recognition of this cancer in Australia
  • It provides visibility for CUP research, advocacy and support projects 

Who CUP Action is for

Australians who have been touched by CUP:
  • People with cancer of unknown primary, family members, carers, friends
  • Health professionals
In fact 

CUP Action is for anyone wanting to find out the latest Australian CUP news and research developments.

Please note: This website is an information resource for
people affected by CUP. It does not provide direct or specific
advice to patients. Please speak to your doctor.

What is being done
  • Liaising with health professionals and researchers at cancer organisations to identify and communicate the latest research and its findings
  • Finding out what is happening in Australia and internationally - such as genetic tests - that may impact on people with CUP
  • Supporting and encouraging research into cancer of unknown primary
  • Raising awareness of this cancer both in the general population and health sectors
  • Exploring ways to increase CUP's visibility, such as using digital media

What is changing

CUP is emerging from the shadows both in Australia and internationally and there are now several CUP-specific research projects in Australia and more are being planned. See CUP in Australia for more information.

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